How to make a girl LOVE you: 6 things to do (+ things not to do)

Today we’re going to talk about a romantic relationship.

We will see how to make a girl in love in a solid way.

I will deliver 7 essential keys to make a woman in love with you.

Today’s topic may seem like a fragile topic to you, but it’s essential to find you a chick you like and live a solid relationship with her.

This is what will allow you at first not to end up in a friend zone with the girls you like, and secondly not to be dumped by the girls with whom you will have started a relationship.

Because you will do it in such a way that they fall in love with you, and that they remain so.

So pay attention to what I will explain in this article, and integrate these 7 keys that will allow you to make women in love (but especially to make a woman you love fall in love).

First Thing: Do not wait too long before taking action

For women there is a very visible gap between a friendship relationship and a romantic relationship.

For girls, the attraction goes far beyond the physical.

They are much more receptive to all other things, such as our masculinity, our initiative, the sexual tension that we are able to generate, etc.

when we guys are going to be mostly attracted to the physique of the girl, be honest;).

This is why we will always be attracted to the girl in question after 3 months of friendship.

However, for women it is different:

From the moment you become friends with a woman, there is no longer any real sexual tension. It’s almost as if you become one of her friends.

This is the reason why when you want to seduce a woman, you should not wait too long before taking action. Otherwise you end up in the friend zone. The famous “friend” box.

If you wait too long, the sexual tension that you created beforehand loses intensity. Until becoming nonexistent …

And the excitement that used to exist between the girl and you disappears.

But if the girl is no longer aroused, there is no chance that she will be attracted and that she will go further with you.

This is why wanting to be friends with a woman for a romantic relationship with her is completely stupid.

It’s like you’re thinking about lighting a fire with a bucket of water, instead of using a lighter or match.

It’s exactly the same when you think about making friends with a woman so that you can make her fall in love afterwards.

We tell ourselves that we will be able to avoid rejection because we will get to know her very gently, but by going about it this way we can be sure that we will never be able to relight the flame that existed at the beginning between her. and U.S…

You may have already heard the famous “I prefer that we remain friends” come out of the mouth of a girl with whom you wanted to go further …

Me too.

And you will agree with me that it is not very pleasant to hear.

The good news is that if you don’t make the mistake of wanting to befriend the girl and hope to seduce her later, you will be much more likely to avoid this aftershock.

So you will understand: to be seen as more than a simple friend and thus be able to make a girl in love, do not wait too long before taking action.

She should not see you as a friend, but as a potential lover (or just a lover).

Key number 2: Don’t tell him “I love you” too early

It may sound counterintuitive, and it’s normal.

Quite naturally, you may say to yourself that to make a girl in love, you have to make her understand that you are completely on her…

You may think that for her to consider a relationship with you, she must trust you entirely …

You may say to yourself that she must understand that you are all her, that you are acquired, that there is no risk …

A lot of guys believe that you make a woman fall in love this way.

But the reality is quite different …

Because what makes you addicted is doubt.

The girl will think more of you when she feels you are escaping her.

She will be more addicted when she is not sure how you feel about her.

That’s when she will be the most addicted.

That’s why you shouldn’t say “I love you” too soon. You should not show too much interest too much.

how to make a girl in love by message
To make her fall in love, you must have a slight doubt in her mind. You have to get him to chase you. You have to get him to conquer you.

This is when she will fall in love with herself, automatically.

Key number 3: Allow him to feel lack

To make a girl in love, you will make sure to maintain the lack.

Because love passion is like a drug: you realize that you are addicted when you are dry.

how to make a girl in love from a distance And the girl will understand that she falls in love when she realizes that she misses you.

This will reinforce the attraction she will feel for you.

And to miss it, you don’t have to fall into the trap of sticking it constantly.

Because if you stick it constantly, one will get you drunk, and two you will not be able to create that feeling of lack so conducive to lust.

So make sure she’s asking for more, not the other way around.

This is how she can fall in love with you and fall in love.

Key number 4: Don’t make the desperate guy

Women want to be in a relationship with a man who brings something positive to their lives.

They want a man who takes them out of their routine. They want a man who changes their ideas. Not a desperate, careless guy.

So never behave like a desperate guy. Never adopt the attitude of a guy in need.

Do not be ready to give up everything for a girl you hardly know.

Conversely, cultivate a state of abundance. Adopt an attitude and a lifestyle that makes women want to join you.

The secret exists on both numbers 5 and 6, continue reading.

Key number 5: Do not show too much interest too soon

We always want what we cannot have.

And this principle applies wonderfully in male-female relationships.

A man is all the more attractive when he seems inaccessible.

A solid study has shown that women tend to be more attracted to men in couples.

And why in your opinion?

Well, because men in couples are more inaccessible. They are more of a challenge.

So don’t show too much interest too early.

The girl you want to make love must not be able to say that you are fully on it.

She must not be able to say that you are acquired. She mustn’t be able to tell herself that it’s cooked at all.

Make sure you stay a challenge.

This way the girl will try to conquer you and act in such a way that her subconscious will tell her that she is attracted to you. It’s a virtuous circle.

Key number 6: Don’t get emotionally involved more than the girl you want to make love

Many guys make the mistake of falling in love with the girl before she falls in love with them.

They’re starting to make a lot of films about a possible future relationship with the girl…

They imagine a super elaborate future with her, when the relationship is only in its infancy …

Some guys fantasize about a whole bunch of girls, with whom they imagine in a future relationship …

When they never talked to most of these girls …

You see the delirium.

And as luck would have it, these girls rarely manage to catch them.

And why this ?

Well, because they didn’t respect this rule which is to never invest more emotionally than the girl you want to seduce.

If the girl doesn’t make films about you, you don’t make films about her (besides even if she seems to make films about you, avoid making films about her, you don’t have that to do).

If for this chick you are only a guy whom she knows just by sight, then for you she will not be more than a girl whom you know just by sight (even if you would like to put her in your bed) .

If you make a lot of films about the girl you like, if you imagine yourself already married to her, with children, etc. It means that you bet a lot of your emotions on this girl.

About this girl you know nothing about.

On this girl that you are absolutely not sure you can seduce.

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