How to be more productive and get what you want?

An expression says that more than working hard, you have to make smart moves. By saying “work smart” what do you think we mean by that?

This is something we do not learn in school, but in practice when we have to start a job.

Working hard means having an agenda full of meetings and projects. This translates differently to “being too busy.” While when you work intelligently it means that you schedule the agenda in order to be as efficient as possible.

If you look for the origin of the word “busy” you will notice that it has historically been associated with words like “anxiety” and “anxiety”.

While “productivity” has synonyms such as “energy” and “reward”. So there are some ways to be more productive.

If you want to achieve what you have in mind you have to work. Of the five days, you have to work it has been proven that only two are really productive days.

So there is something wrong with the way we work, that in 40 hours of work per week, productive is only 16.

You should always keep in mind the priorities, which deserve more energy and maximum attention. You can postpone the expected work for a second when you have completed the most important ones.

Try to save time from work meetings. If you think the meeting can be done via skype or a phone call, then save travel time or just the hours you can spend during the meeting.

If you are not in your best day, the ideal solution would be to deal with a project that requires less energy and complete, than to deal with one of the most important projects and not take any steps forward.

You should also always have a plan B regarding when things are not going well. You can waste a lot of time doing nothing waiting for a solution to a problem that you may have taken action on before.

In conclusion, never be skeptical of the help a colleague can give you. Working in a team for some seems like a challenge, but when everyone works it results in a real liberation.

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