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Depression? What it is? A condition or a deadly disease? It is a state of mind in that negatively effects the way of thinking, way of acting and way of feeling. It is a serious mental illness which causes harm physically and emotionally. Its decrement is mostly dependent on the environment.

It is a mood disorder as the person’s feeling interfere in its daily tasks or activities. Not every mood change such as sadness and tension is depression, it is a helpless and hopeless condition in which the control from the feelings vanishes.


It is caused by the following factors:

Personal problems:

Low self esteem is the major cause of depression. Once a person is failed he thinks about the people not about himself that what is good for him and what is not. Some times the sayings of people makes a person agitated and the person is so down that loses the strength of self love and faces hopeless conditions.

Losing a loved one or death of a loved one puts a stressful effect on a person’s mind and results in depression.

Family history:

If in the family, people have mood disorder then it is possible that a person might get into depression but it is seen in a very low ratio.


Some stressful events took place in the early stages of child then they come in the face of fear and stressful conditions for them when they grow up.

These were some reasons why depression takes place.


  • Mood swings in negative aspect
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Difficulty in completing works
  • restless or excessive sleep
  • Fatigue and headaches
  • Withdrawing from social engagements
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight changes

These were some symptoms, now jumping to the healthy medications to relieve stress and depression.

Healthy medications for relieving stress and depression

Treating depression is not that easy as it seems but it is not impossible too. Depression can be treated by changing environment, lifestyle or by therapies.
Some of the methods are:

1. Light therapy:

Light effects person mind and has a different effect on soul. When a person always try to remain in dark that is darkness gives him a feeling that no one is seeing him destroying, then it is possible to change a person’s state of mind because light will give him a ray of hope and he will realize that darkness is what is inside him while the whole world is full of light giving him a hope that he can gather some and can take advantage to life a stable and happy life. Light therapy helps in improving mood and minimizes the effects of depression.

2. Brisk walk:

Fresh air of the morning is good for living a healthy life and walking early in the morning daily can lower your cholesterol, effects the mood positively and keeps you healthy. Life is full of ups and downs and some troublesome things make a person sophisticated and suffocated. In order to stay away from suffocation a person must walk daily in a near by park or road for about fifteen minutes early in the morning so that fresh energy and air can strike a person’s mind.

3. Exercise:

Exercising daily for about thirty minutes helps in increasing the hormone named endorphins which helps in improving the mood of a person.

4. Avoid taking drugs:

Some people take drugs to get relief from mental stress. Drugs relieve stress for a certain period of time but then drugs themselves become the reason behind person’s depression and frustration.

5. Psychotherapy:

Visiting a psychiatrist is okay. It is not that like you are psycho it you visit him. Visiting a psychiatrist means a person gets a person on whom you can trust about your issues, guilt or mistakes or cans hare every feeling with them.

Getting a therapy like this makes a person less stressed and improves his/her mood regarding issues and let him feel the free air which is necessary for growth and prosperity of mind and soul.

6. Self love time:

In order to avoid depression a person must take some minutes out of his daily schedule daily for thinking about himself, taking care of own self and being happy and joy able with own self. Self love is important and is necessary for a person to love himself in order to spread love.


One can cope up with this deadly situation and can become strong. Quitting, escaping and suicide are not the options to cope up with depressed situations while self love, positivity and love are the steps to cure. One should check on his people to whom he calls friends and family that whether they are okay or not.

Say some words of love to people who are depressed and take them back to life.

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