Bored? Do these 80 relaxing and easy things

Bored? or tensed?

Sometime when there is a lot work to do and a lot things to study or a burden of file on office workers make them feel exhausted and they do not get interest in those normal routine things which means they are tensed about what they have to do but they don’t do that because they don’t find calmness in that. In this case if a person says he is bored then he is tensed about work and want to fresh his mind.

Do these 80 relaxing and easy things

Bored? Want to do something creative and adventurous to hold your down self up? Try these amazing 80 things which will blow your mind and will surely refresh your mood.

  1. Write a story of your life
  2. Watch a series or movie
  3. Try t cook something you never cooked before
  4. Make a sketch of yourself
  5. Snore and record your sound
  6. Read poetry and quotes to boost yourself up
  7. Talk a friend you always wanted to talk
  8. Prank call to friends
  9. Try to learn a new language
  10. Learn a magic trick
  11. Make a list of things you want to do before you die
  12. Plan your wedding festivals
  13. Pretend like a tourist in your own country or city
  14. Give your pet a bath
  15. Visit library and read books
  16. Write an article on the topic on your mind
  17. Do acrylic painting as it is fun
  18. Learn steps of karate
  19. Organize your room
  20. Watch satisfying videos to ease and relax t=your mind and eyes
  21. Capture a flower
  22. Write poetry
  23. Find a new hobby to cheer yourself up
  24. Become a host and cheer audience like a comedian
  25. Play ludo with friends
  26. Learn your favorite poem
  27. Make a list of countries you want to visit
  28. Search your name
  29. Search top 10 most searched topics on google
  30. Read the gift card you get from others when you were younger
  31. Organize a party
  32. Go to beach or mountains
  33. Write a book
  34. Read books
  35. Take a sound sleep
  36. Make a family tree
  37. Go for a walk
  38. Start a blog and maintain it to earn
  39. Jump into sweet memories
  40. Clean up your phone’s gallery and make storage available
  41. Do crossword puzzles
  42. Study for exams
  43. Make music out of exam topics it will help you memorize
  44. Play board games like chess, scrabble etc
  45. Give yourself a good advice
  46. Choose a line to define your life
  47. Rewrite ending of your favorite movie
  48. Try to behave like a celebrity for24 hours
  49. Sing a song
  50. Start a you tube channel
  51. Help others you think need help
  52. Learn sewing
  53. Try to walk like a model
  54. Find out the best and worst in you
  55. Make a portfolio of your life
  56. Try weird food combinations
  57. Make your own reality show
  58. Plan your 100th birthday so that you won’t get bore on that birthday
  59. Mention your friends and talk with them
  60. Scroll memes which make you laugh
  61. Try animal costume
  62. Make the voice of different birds
  63. Write a song and sing it in your own voice
  64. Try a Halloween makeup look
  65. Play card games
  66. Learn to ride a bicycle
  67. Do skating
  68. Plan a bridal shower for your best friend
  69. Plan a surprise birthday party
  70. Go to shopping
  71. Google your favorite actor and search for mobile number
  72. Make snaps of weather
  73. See the video of your marriage or of your birthday
  74. Think about your life that are you contended or not?
  75. Do check on people who you call friends that whether they are okay or not
  76. Differentiate between things and people
  77. Check whether you are introvert or an extrovert
  78. Watch cartoons
  79. Go to ice cream parlor
  80. Donate things to needy people which are beloved to you but not in use

If you are bored then you can do the things according to your mindset and way of cheering yourself up. These are 80 things only which you can do when you are bored but you can do a lot more stuff when you feel bored.

Cheer yourself up by doing what you like and make your life happy and prosperous by positive state of mind and by helping others because the prayers of others brighten our lives

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Keep smiling

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