8 Tips How to lose weight!

Some diets work and some are not effective. But to lose weight and not gain weight again here below you have 8 tips that I hope will help you that if you lose weight do not add it again.

1. Never Keep a Fast Diet

When you lose weight fast your body is simply losing glycogen (carbohydrates) and water weight, but not fat which we mostly want to lose. In other words, your body thinks it is starving and slows down your metabolism, making it harder for your body to burn calories because they burn at a slower rate than they would normally burn.

And when you start eating normally as before, your body starts to store as much food as it can in fat cells in case of urgent hunger.

2. The Best Weight Loss Plan Replace Foods Instead of Eliminating Them

Although many people feel that reduced fat foods are not as good as the originals (ie those that do not reduce fats), it would be a great help for you if you choose to buy foods with less fat despite the taste.

Try other names of reduced-fat foods and who knows, you will probably find something you like more than the product you are used to so far and which has a lot more fat. The key here is to make the difference in substitution

– if you like a high-fat meal trying to eliminate it altogether there was no work to be done. But, if you replace it with a similar food but with less fat, then there are noticeable changes in you due to lower total calorie consumption for a long time.

3. What To Drink For Lost Weight

To completely stop soda drinks (like coca-cola) from your diet to save an average of 360 calories or even more during the day. Even diet soda (like coca-cola diet), some fruit juices, and whole milk can add unnecessary calories to your daily food intake.

Instead, drink plenty of water and switch from whole milk to low-fat milk or soy milk; these little things make a big difference to you.

4. Losing weight healthy diet and exercise

Getting up, moving and exercising means burning extra calories. Of course you are more likely to be athletic in one way or another. To join a team, go to the gym, go for a walk or run, etc.

You need to make other changes in your life like walking or cycling to work or school instead of driving, walking up the stairs a few times a day instead of getting on the elevator (easier but worse for you ), to do one more round to the store or even to the block where you live.

These are the small changes we are talking about. Experts recommend 30-45 minutes of aerobic exercise 3-5 times a week, but if all you can do is walk around the block where you live for about 30 minutes a few days a week, this is a good start.

It is less likely to cause food poisoning and less likely to burn calories. The best thing about aerobic exercise is that its benefits are cumulative – in other words, if you walk 3 times there are 10 minutes during the day, you have the same good health as walking for 30 minutes once a day…

5. Gradual Changes Are Best For Lost Weights

Don’t forget that it’s easier to stay with small changes than to try to make a big difference at once. Start slowly, always leaving a little on your plate. Don’t listen to others pushing you to wipe the plate or as we say to us (eat even straw, don’t leave it).

These small changes also have the chance to stay with you even after you have finished your diet. Try to make changes in your behavior and set goals that you will be able to achieve in the coming years, not just weeks.

6. Don’t Exaggerate by Raising

If you are full or just feeling satisfied with the amount you have eaten so far, stop and don’t eat more. It is not said that you should eat until you feel that your stomach wants to burst.

Among other things, don’t forget that it takes a while for nutrients to enter the bloodstream and circulate to the nerve centers that regulate your appetite. Eating slowly helps you not to overdo it by eating before these nerve centers signal you that it is as abundant as you have eaten so far.

7. Try Not to Exclude Some Foods When You Diet

Don’t tell yourself that you will never have anything else because you will immediately start wanting to have money and eat it.

People should also eat fats to be healthy but you just need to make sure you are eating in moderation.

Instead of continuing to eat fatty foods every morning as before, it may be a good idea to make a change and eat celery, a mixture of low-fat milk and milk. Try to make yourself say and think, “I know you have the opportunity to eat it, but should you eat it or not?

8. Weight Loss

Staying with Diet and Quick Exercise Routines Forever will not keep you at the weight you want to have for a while.. Instead of thinking for weeks, you need to focus on real goals. In other words, the modifications of the behaviors you will live with that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Finally, we are taking an example to better illustrate the benefits of these changes: say that a person weighs close to 5kg more than he should but is in perfect energy balance

– He eats as many calories as he can burn during the day. so its weight remains constant. If this person had sacrificed a small piece of the things they eat during the day, let’s say a chips that is equal to 100 calories, for a period equal to a year that person would have lost more than 5kg! Half a pound of fat in your body represents about 3,500 calories stored. 100 calories X (times) 365 days a year is equal to 36,500 calories, or more than 5kg of fat.

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